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 REPAOC expresses deep concern over the socio-political standoff in Guinea Bissau and Togo
 1- Guinea Bissau
Referring to the different dialogues initiated by development partners, REPAOC has found that the Conakry Accords of 14 October 2016 have not been translated into action.
REPAOC expresses its deep concern at the continued political stalemate in Guinea-Bissau in view of the leaders’ inability to come up with a mutually acceptable lasting solution.
The current President of Guinea-Bissau, who pledged at the ECOWAS Heads of State meeting in Monrovia (Liberia) to find solutions in the ensuing 90 days, has failed to deliver on his promise.
REPAOC therefore calls on ECOWAS and the international community to put pressure on the political actors of Guinea-Bissau so that the Prime Minister, consensually identified among the three (3) personalities proposed by the Head of State, can quickly form a Government of national unity in order to put an end to the political unrest that has been raging for two years now in this country.  
2- Togo
Referring to the recommendations of the ECOWAS Sub-Regional Citizens’ Summit on the Protocol of Democracy and Good Governance held in Lomé, Togo, from 13 to 15 July 2017;
Referring to the stance upheld by the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of Togo during their meeting with the President of the ECOWAS Commission in Lomé (Togo) on 13 September 2017;
REPAOC expresses its solidarity with all the Togolese people in their struggle for political alternation, and unreservedly supports their following demands:
1. Immediate return to the Constitution of 1992
2. Materialization of Togolese diasporic communities’ suffrage
3. Release of all political detainees
4. Protection of the fundamental freedoms of citizens
REPAOC, as a citizen-centred organization, shall speak up and speak out to make the voices of the Togolese people heard and respected. Vox Populi vox Dei.
Done in Dakar, 21 September 2017
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