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International Day of Peace (Dakar-UNIC), REPAOC presents a poem





If I could speak,


I will tell you an ordinary story


It seems to be hot?


Yes it’s hot in the kitchen and that sounds normal


But it’s hot in the shower and that is paradoxical


On the head,


Under my feet,


She’s tapping the heat!


At midday the sun rages and at midnight it seems to be angry!


It is hot in the North, not less in the South


It’s hot in Ziguinchor, not less in Dakar


I go to the North Pole where everything seems normal


But the West cries behind me


Burma shouts behind me


Nigeria cries behind me


Togo shouts behind me


Senegal shouts behind me


Help ! global warming, it’s too hot!


What is this heat?


This heat represents armed conflicts, wars, displacements …


Conflicts have thrown Africa into a dark hole


Hole from which it is impossible for him to perceive the sun of development


And from the blossoming of its life-saving rays


On the other ends of the earth


The stoic attitude of some African leaders


Who want to create African unity is certainly noble


But she finds herself confronted with an enormous obstacle:


Disunity, corruption, greed and greed of some people!


If I could speak ….


Look at this crowd with face fixed on me


Watch these hearts beating


Look at these people these people who have kept in them the brutality of the past days


Wounds that suppurated, keeping in them the brutality of the past days


It is said that young people no longer want to hear anything


Bored by so much bitterness


Impatience flows in their veins


And pours out in their desires!




Silence of the conspiracy


Silence of the denial of the world


We dress our fights with silence


And we want to erase our existences


Until when ?


How long will the day be black?


How long will the night remain bleached?


How long will the lamb be bound to chains of sorrows and pains?


Dawn has lost color


The bright color of this garden in crisis


And the sounds were silent at the feet of the crossroads


The goal is common


Why not do it


Why not walk together on a path without thorns


And without lianas that is of PEACE?


Peace is not an empty word


But a behavior to teach our children


If we want peace, let us prepare for peace


If we want peace


Seeds wherever we need seeds of peace


Tolerance and non-violence.


If I could speak


I will sing loud and clear wherever I need to


That peace is possible, if we believe it is possible.


Peace holds out our hand and we must take the step


Peace is not only beautiful words


But it is also in our way of looking at our neighbor


And tell him we love you!


Peace is not only beautiful speech


But it is our way also to seek to see


If our neighbor next to us is doing well!


Peace is not a matter of nationality


But it’s a question of humanity!


Peace is not a matter of treaties or agreements


But it is a plant that sows, water and talks!


If I could speak


I will tell you do not be afraid, peace is possible!


If I could speak


I would quote the Wolof proverb: “When ten people dig a hole, and ten others put sand back in there,


there will be a lot of dust but a pit will never be built”


Then we Africans,


Whatever our nationality


Whatever our origin


We must love each other


We need to get together


To lift this torch of peace!


Peace is still possible


And it depends on you and me!


Peace reaches out to us


African, African!


Peace reaches out to us, my brothers and sisters!


If I could speak,


I will tell you: “I have spoken”


An adaptation by


SESSI Sefiamenou Yao


REPAOC-Dakar / September 2017


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